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Chemical Mixer Chemical Feed System Chemical Mixer Boiler chemical feed system by Madden Pump
Chemical Mixing System Chemical Feed System Industrial Mixer Boiler Chemical Feed System

Madden Pump offers more than just the metering pump for your chemical injection applications. We offer complete, packaged chemical feed systems. Often times the little things that go into a chemical feed system start to become big things as you realize the amount of time and resources it will take to complete procurement of the chemical feed system you need. The time it takes to plan and design the system, while researching and procuring the equipment you need is an expensive cost in and of itself.

There are P & ID’s to be drawn, drawings to be approved, sources for equipment needed to be located like: piping, relief valves, foot valves, strainers, T’s, platforms, mixer and pump mounts, tanks, and more. Then comes the control panel to bring all of these components together; wiring, relays, breakers, amps, switches, lights, and so on. These can add up quickly and can get very complicated. Then finally, you need to account for the labor hours to put all of these components together.

So save yourself a headache and let Madden Pump procure and assemble everything for your next packaged chemical feed system. We offer build to order systems based on end user specifications. You spec’ it, we’ll build it!

Everything is tested under manufactured operating conditions here at our shop before it leaves the plant, so rest assured your system will arrive ready to go.

Chemical Feed System Packages

Madden Pump offers complete chemical feed systems and pumping systems. Madden’s standard chemical feed systems include:

  • Durable Polyethylene tanks & Stainless Steel tanks
  • Heavy duty mixers
  • Diaphragm metering pumps
  • And platforms made of welded steel construction.

Madden’s pumping systems are specified by the customer and commonly include:

  • 2-6 diaphragm metering pumps, a platform made of welded steel construction, and a control panel.

Madden Pump also offers their heavy duty, industrial mixers (often called agitators) as a separate independent line item. The industrial mixer line includes:

  • Low, medium, and high speed mixers
  • Variable speed mixers available as well
  • Portable and rigid mounting

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