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Among the many variations and customizable features allowable in a Madden diaphragm metering pump, is the ability to duplex (double), triplex (triple), and multiplex (quadruple) the pumping heads.

A quick explanation:

When you hear words like this in the pumping world, essentially what we’re talking about is providing a mini pumping system, via the pump itself. In other words, there is 1 motor, 1 worm gear reducer, and 1 drive shaft, driving 2-4 pumping heads. These pumping heads can all be designed with different materials to handle different liquids and each individual head can have its stroke length manually adjusted over a 10:1 turn down ratio.

Capabilities per Series

  • JN series metering pumps – up to 4 pumping heads
  • MF series metering pumps – up to 4 pumping heads
  • MH series metering pumps – up to 2 pumping heads

Possible Applications

If you have budgetatry restrictions, and purchasing 2, 3, or even 4 separate pumps is definitely not ideal, consider a Madden multiplexed pump. If the individual flow rates among the liquids needing to be pumped are close to each other, a Madden Metering pump with multiple pumping heads is a great option for you. (Don’t forget, a multiplex pump would also have floor/shelf space saving features in comparison to buying multiple pumps)

Here’s a quick applications list of what all you might do with a Madden pump with multiple pumping heads:

  1. To simply double, triple, or quadruple capacity/output.
  2. Pump 2, 3, or 4 different liquids at the same time.
  3. Send each liquid being pumped to a different destination
  4. Adjust each individual pumping head to a different output/capacity

Ex.) Take an MF218C Madden duplex metering pump which has a max output of 18 GPH per pumping head. Let’s say you have a location/tank/system that you need to pump two different liquids (“A” & “B”) into. Not only that, but to create the right concentration for the resulting liquid “C”, “A” needs to be pumped at 18 GPH and “B” needs to be pumped at 9 GPH.

Instead of purchasing two separate pumps, you could go with a Madden MF218C duplex metering pump, which can do this by having two wetted ends with materials designed to handle liquids “A” and “B” and by manually turning one of the pumping heads’ stroke adjustment knob down to 50%. Easy as that!

Function, How it Works

This link to a short blog and video (Mechanically actuated diaphragm meterting pumps explained) does a great job of explaining how Madden’s standard, simplex design, diaphragm metering pumps work.

When it comes to duplexing, triplexing, or multiplexing a Madden pump, all we do is place a longer drive shaft into the unit and install as many pump bodies and wetted ends as needed. The motor and gear ratio remain the same, and by same we mean they are still one single set, running as many pumping heads as needed.


This is a 1 minute, simple video allowing you to see an MH2180F in action.

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