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Chemical Injection Pumps

Madden designs their chemical metering pumps with the intention of being the most cost effective product on the market. Our focus is providing a product that minimizes/eliminates quality issues and down time with accuracy of +/- 1%


Chemical Feed & Automated Pumping Systems

Madden diaphragm type metering pumps for chemicals are utilized by a wide variety of commercial and manufacturing industries. Established in 1953, our products are made in the USA at our Elkhart, Indiana plant. Utilizing state of the art CNC machining equipment to make the component parts to rigid quality and to meet performance and cost standards, our Mission is to produce proven, rugged, quality industrial pumps that will provide excellent performance and value for our customers.

Fast Lead Times

Chemical Metering Pumps 1-2 weeks
Emergency/Rush pumps in 1-2 days!

Made in the USA

Madden products are made in the USA at our Elkhart, Indiana plant since the 1930s.


We produce proven, rugged, quality pumps that will provide excellent performance and value.

Pump Metering Technology and Industrial Mixers

Our Chemical Feed Systems offer the following combination of equipment to meet your chemical addition application’s needs: a platform, a tank for mixing and storing chemical solutions, a mixer, a Madden diaphragm metering pump to inject the chemical solution, and suction and relief piping.

In addition to chemical feed mixer systems, Madden offers three heavy duty, industrial mixer types for chemical tanks up to 5,000 gallons (18,925 L) capacity. These mixers are often known as agitators and they serve a vast array of industrial applications across the world.

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