• UL 508A with 24v DC Controls
  • Nema 1-3R or 4X Rated
  • MMP – for all Panels
  • Single Point Power Main Disconnect 
  • Variable Speed Drivers
  • Lighting & Surge Arrestor
  • Preprogrammed PLC with Ethernet (Modbus, BACnet, and more)
  • 4-10 Inch Choice for LCD Color Touch Screens
  • 1-Year System Warranty
  • PH and ORP Control

Typical Control Features

  • Measure Temperature and Control PH or ORP
  • Built-In Memory Back up when Power Fails
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) Wall or Panel Mount Enclosures
  • -2 to 16 pH Range
  • 4 to 20 mA Output
  • Display 4-digit LCD 13.7 mm (0.54”)
  • LCD Blue Blacklight
  • RS485 Communications

Technical Design Features

  • Single Point Power Main Disconnect
  • Manual Motor Protector (MMP) per Motor
  • VFD Controls with Programmable Set Points
  • PLC with Ethernet Capability
  • Low Voltage – 24 VDC Touch Safe Controls

Available Control Features

  • UL508A Rated Panel
  • Nema 4, Nema 4X Nema 1-12-3R Classifications Standard
  • Fan-cooled Cabinet with Filtered Air and Optional AC Unit
  • VFD Dedicated for each Pump Motor
  • Standard 4-Inch LCD Screens with 6 or 10 inch Options Available
  • Control Panels Painted in Standard Machine Grey or Equivalent
  • Each Motor Protected by Individual Circuit Breakers or Fuses
  • Touch-Safe 24V Controls Reduces Short and Shock in Power “On” Positions
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • VFDs Installed Inside all Panels
  • Available in Single or 3-Phase Power
  • Stainless Option for Outdoor Weather Locations
  • Wireless and Ethernet Connection for Remote Panel Monitoring Control