Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

Do you currently have a pumping process that requires workers to monitor and/or wait on the process to start and finish? Madden Pump’s new automated batching system could be just the thing for you.

Paying someone to stand around and wait for a certain amount of chemical, oil, or any other liquid to be dosed into a system is costly and inefficient. Employees can be spending their time elsewhere helping the business make profits. Turning your manual pumping system into an automatic pumping, or batching, system may be easier and less costly than you think.

Madden Pump has developed a very simple and dependable automatic pumping system using their rugged metering pumps, a flow meter, and a Batchtrol BT2 controller. With the flow meter reading the liquid being pumped and the Batchtrol controller processing that information, the Madden metering pump can be told exactly how much of a liquid to dose into a system and then stop automatically after it has hit that mark. Thus, you’ll no longer have the need to monitor or wait on the pumping system to batch a certain amount of chemical, oil, or any other liquid you use.

There are other accessories that can be added to this system to increase flexibility and durability, but check out how well this simple, “bare bones” system works:



If you’re interested in hearing more about these systems, or already have an application you want to upgrade to automatic batching, give us a call or an email. We look forward to helping you increase efficiency in your workplace and appreciate the opportunity to put our pumps there as well!

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