Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

There are many different manufacturers of metering pumps that can be used for metering chemicals.   So how should one select a suitable brand of pumps?

  • Do you need local sales representation to help select the pump model, wetted end construction, or to help guide installation, set up or staff training?  If so then you need to contact your trusted local representative who can provide that assistance.  Madden has sales representatives and distributors in most parts of the US who are trained and experienced in metering pump applications.  Click here to go to the Madden sales representative locator to help you find the firm in your area to assist with your application today!
  • How fast do you need a chemical metering pump?  If your pump uses a standard TEFC motor Madden can usually ship an emergency pump in 1-2 days.  The normal pump lead time is 1-2 weeks, and most people find that is very reasonable.  Madden keeps a large inventory of component parts on hand at all times, and that enables us to assemble and ship a metering pump without having to wait for machining operations.
  • Is the shipping location close by for fast delivery, customer pickup, or factory service?  Those are factors that may be important to some buyers.  Madden supplies metering pumps to the agricultural market in Indiana and Michigan, and one of the factors mentioned by farmers and equipment dealers is that our location is a key factor in the selection of Madden as the manufacturer of the metering pump they have selected.
  • For some buyers pricing is a critical factor.  No one wants to pay more than they have to for anything from gasoline to a mortgage interest rate.  Buyers tell is that Madden pricing is competitive with other brands of industrial grade metering pumps.  We don’t aim to be the lowest price supplier, but we don’t want to be high priced either.  We try to provide a good value for the money that our customer will invest in a Madden metering pump.  That value starts with the original purchase price, but it also includes the cost of repairs over the life of the metering pump.
  • Availability of repair parts is always a consideration because metering pumps need replacement of wetted end parts after they have been in service for some time.  Madden keeps a complete stock of parts to replace worn wetted end parts, even if that pump was originally shipped over 50 years ago.  That is a source of comfort for the users of thousands of Madden pumps that have been placed in service over the past 60 some years.  Operator’s manuals with parts lists are available on our website to assist anyone who has misplaced a manual over the years.

Those are normal items for consideration when determining what brand to select when you need a chemical metering pump.
Madden technical representatives are available to help select the right chemical metering pump for your application, find a local sales representative, or help you with repair parts.  Click here to contact us for more information today!