Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

This blog is intended to explain our stance for claiming to be one of, if not the most, cost effective chemical metering pump on the market. Merriam-Webster has two definitions of “cost-effective” they are as follows:

  1. Simple Definition: Producing good results without costing a lot of money.
  2. Full Definition: Economical in terms of tangible benefits produced by money spent.So let’s look at how Madden metering pumps can be the best bang for your buck.

What Madden Has to Offer You: Minimal Down Time

MF series diaphragm metering pumpWe know you are looking for a metering pump that is accurate and dependable. Madden pumps will give you both accuracy and dependability while being one of the most durable metering pumps on the market.

Madden has been selling this same chemical metering pump design for 60+ years now and there is a reason end users are still buying it. People buy our pumps because of the price and because they last a long time. B2B decisions are made with little emotion. It is about money and knowing the product will last. Madden metering pumps are designed with exactly that in mind.

Our dosing pump design has always been about removing quality issues and downtime from your liquid metering process. Madden pumps have 10:1 turn down ratios, and with a variable speed motor we can get that up to as much as 100:1 and our pumps pump with a +/- 1% accuracy. What we pride ourselves in, is offering you a pump that can repeatedly pump at +/- 1% for potentially decades of service life with only replacement parts needed.

Proven, Rugged Quality Design

At Madden Pump we define the term cost effective for a metering pump to be service life + initial cost. Madden Pump’s chemical injection pump line is at the top of the industry in service life and the cost is competitive. You have cheaper options on the market available to you, which tend to be “throwaway” pumps, and you have more expensive options in hydraulic metering pumps but they can be a complicated mess to repair when/if they go down. Madden Pump designs pumps to cover the middle ground. But we don’t want to just be in the middle ground, we want to be the best product in the middle ground.

The Madden chemical injection pump line does this by focusing on a simple and dependable design.

We call it “Proven, Rugged Quality” and here’s how it works:

  1. It’s an industrial grade chemical metering pump, meaning the construction is tough and durable.
  2. Madden also made sure to take care of these metal parts be designing the internal parts to constantly operate in an oil bath. This design is what allows the pump to run 24/7/365, with minimal downtime.
  3. When properly maintained you will only ever need to make occasional wetted end repairs to replace wearable parts.
  4. When wetted end repairs are needed, they can be done in minutes with common tools.
  5. Mechanically actuated design eliminates messy and complicated repairs that are typical with hydraulically actuated metering pumps.These features come together to provide an accurate and dependable pump with only minimal downtime for maintenance. Your process will continue to operate day after day.

Not easily sold on just rhetoric? Check out our video showing how quick and easy it is to repair/replace wetted end parts in our MF series pumps (video link)

Standing out in tough environments

FJN series diaphragm metering pump

Often times a Madden pump will replace a competitor’s plastic pump simply because plastic can’t adequately withstand the environment it is operating in. We offer a tough epoxy paint finish to go on our pumps’ heavy aluminum housings. When you pair this with the fact that we can offer nearly any enclosure needed for an industrial grade electric motor, you get a chemical metering pump that you can place just about anywhere. Just another factor helping our pumps to be as durable as possible.

Do you have a monetary value on your time and peace of mind?

To this point we’ve discussed how our chemical injection pumps are cost effective because of their durability and dependability leading to minimal downtime. Another advantage to minimal downtime lies in the savings that arise from not needing to troubleshoot and fix problems. I’m sure many readers can relate to troubleshooting nightmares, the ones where something goes wrong in the morning and it takes you the rest of the afternoon to figure it out. Then on top of that another couple of hours, potentially days, are taken to actually resolve the issue. Sometimes resolving the issue equals buying a new pump entirely.

Well, with a Madden metering pump it just doesn’t happen; and if something like an emergency replacement part is needed, don’t sweat it, we stock all of our parts so that it can be overnighted to you in an emergency situation.

And as for troubleshooting issues, it is extremely rare for us to get a call about a pump problem that we can’t resolve within a couple of minutes. Our pumps are just too straightforward and simple. “They don’t make them like they used to” isn’t a phrase that can be used with a Madden metering pump. This design is proven and it continues to perform year after year.


So whether your metering application is serving in production, sanitization, ph balancing, or _____, don’t settle for cheap or overly complicated, don’t settle for potential downtime. It’s costly. If reliability is important to you, go with our Proven, Rugged Quality. Madden’s metering pump design is built to be a work horse.