Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

This blog and video will show how easily it is to replace wearable parts on our heavy duty chemical metering pumps. Madden Pump designs industrial grade chemical metering pumps intended for 24/7/365 use. All three series of our metering pumps are made to be an investment. They are not intended to be throwaway pumps, we want our chemical metering pumps to dose chemicals in your application for a very long time.

And they do. We have many parts orders that go out to customers with 20+ year old Madden metering pumps.

With this longevity, it is inevitable that you will eventually need to replace a few of the wearable items within our pumps. Madden dosing pumps are designed to be quickly and easily repaired. All of the necessary repairs on a Madden metering pump can be done in minutes with common tools.

This video will show you how you can replace any and all of the wearable items in a Madden MF series diaphragm metering pump. We break down the slight differences between our stainless steel wetted ends and our plastic wetted ends.

Video Breakdown:

  • 0:00 – 0:21 = Introduction
  • 0:21 – 1:52 = Walkthrough of the Stainless Steel valve assembly
  • 1:53 – 3:01 = Replacing the primary diaphragm in a Stainless Steel wetted end
  • 3:04 – 4:42 = Walkthrough of a plastic valve assembly
  • 4:43 – 5:27 = Replacing the primary diaphragm in a plastic wetted end
  • 5:28 – End = Replacing the primary and secondary diaphragm in a Type DDB double diaphragm set up



If you need assistance making repairs on your Madden metering pump give us a call at (800) 369-6233 or (574) 295-4292. We’re here to help!