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What sets us apart?

This blog post is intended to give distributors and reps features to sell and customer’s reasons to buy Madden chemical metering pumps.

As a company serving a niche market with a niche product we understand the importance to compete on quality, customer service, and maintaining business relationships… we simply wouldn’t thrive without these core principals. In achieving these core principals we would expect a level of comfort and trust from end users; trusting that Madden is providing you the best and most appropriate pump for their application.

So, why buy Madden?

It’s in our slogan… “Proven, Rugged Quality”. Now I know slogans can get annoying, beating the seemingly obvious to death. So forgive us ahead of time but this is exactly what we want… because Madden pumps having great rugged quality doesn’t seem to be obviously. It’s not in question… just doesn’t seem to be in the forefront. Many inquiries from different people and places start with exactly the topic of this section, “why buy Madden”.

Madden products are designed with proven, rugged quality in mind. We don’t compete with competitors who focus on of cheaper plastic pumps or highly intricate hydraulic pumps. We don’t want users to throw any product of ours away, ever; and we also don’t want customers having to call a pump repairman to fix something, when repairs are needed. Madden products last a very long time, and their design allows for a quick and easy fix, keeping your pump in service as close to 24/7/365 as possible.

Madden Pump Attributes

JN Series Pump                              MF Series Pump                                    MH Series Pump

We thought it would be helpful, to list some reasons a customer would consider Madden metering pumps and then the attributes that set us apart.

1. The liquid being pumped is vital to the business, enough so, that if that process ever stopped (say a pump broke) the business would be losing money every minute the pump sat idle.

Long life span: We serviced a couple of pumps this summer (2015) for farmers that bought them in the 1960s. Madden pumps are built to work 24/7/365. So with that in mind, the purchase of a Madden chemical metering pump can be seen as a long term investment in your company, but at a price you wouldn’t expect to pay for that long of service. Madden pumps are extremely cost effective.

2. Cost effective market share. For customers who don’t want the cheapest out there, nor do they want the most expensive, we cover this middle ground. There’s something comforting about making decisions somewhere in the middle of extremes. At Madden, we try to service our middle ground market by manufacturing products that earn this cost effective status, we don’t want to simply set a price in the middle.

  1. Pump bodies are made from aluminum, not heavy bulky cast iron, or cheap plastic.
  2. Interior parts are immersed in an oil bath. Increases life span dramatically.
  3. Wide variety of wetted end materials allows for durability with many corrosive liquids.
  4. Optional epoxy paint, washdown motors, explosion proof motors and more; all these options help increase the lifespan of a pump working in harsh exterior conditions. If the exterior can’t protect the interior then we no longer have a competitive advantage.
  5. Cheap = throw it away when it’s done. Most expensive = find a specialist when it needs repaired.
    • Madden pumps aren’t thrown away and specialists aren’t needed for repair. Cheap plastic pumps serve their purpose, but when they’re done, they’re done. Intricate hydraulic pumps are innovative products that can pump large volumes while the pump itself remains small; but when and if they go down, emergency action is needed.
  6. We strive to earn our price point, not just set it.

3. Quality is important to the purchaser. There’s nothing wrong with the two ideals out there: “I’ll buy a cheaper product, take care of it to have it last as long as possible, and when it breaks, I’ll buy another cheap product.” Or, “This product may cost more, but I want to buy quality, I think I’m going to see a return in my investment in not having to replace this product over a longer period of time.”

Every employee at Madden has been on both sides of this fence in their personal lives. We’re not here to convince everyone to start making the second choice; there’s an appropriate time and place for both. But if quality is what you want to purchase, then Madden is a manufacturer to call.

4. Accuracy and consistency in the process is needed (i.e. metering).
Madden pumps meter to within +-1% of their designed output. Pumping will be consistent and accurate 24/7/365.

5. Made in the USA: Madden is able to claim made in the USA. Everything is bought from, machined, and assembled in the USA.

6. Made to stock: 99% of Madden pumps parts are ready to go. If you have an emergency and your application is down, barring special requests, we can have any model pump assembled, painted and out the door that day or the next, depending on the time the order was received.

7. Built to order, by hand: Madden parts are on the shelves ready to go, but few things are preassembled. Each order is treated individually so that the best product is sent to the customer. The options and combinations are there to serve many processes.


All in all, a potential customer would purchase a Madden pump because they want a reliable, cost effective pump for critical process liquids. If the customer does not want to buy a pump potentially every five years, then they should consider Madden. If they don’t have the budget, or preference, to buy a high end/expensive hydraulic pump, then they should consider Madden.

Stay in tune with us! We want to start sharing success stories in future blog posts, that way you don’t have to just take our word for it, our 20+ year old products can speak for themselves.

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