Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

With the continuing progression of the internet and online sales, it can be easy to forget about looking into local distribution for your chemical metering pump needs. There are certainly times where the convenience of buying direct from the manufacturer is appealing, repeat purchases would be an example, but as we are constantly reminded as a manufacturer trying to sell nationwide and occasionally to the global market, nothing beats face to face sales.

As a small, family owned manufacturer who focuses on quality and responsive customer service, our distribution pipeline is an integral part of our business family. Madden Pump has slowly obtained quality distributors across the United States throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. Now, we have our Sales Manager, Aaron, traveling across the United States to maintain these relationships. Having a personal relationship with the reps selling our products, helps to make them an extension of our business. They know our names and have seen most of our faces, and this goes a long way to providing much better service to our end users than what the internet allows.

What are the benefits of using local distributors to make my purchases?

Long story short, with all the information at your fingertips via the internet, don’t forget how valuable it is to go to an individual who immerses themselves in the products and industry. They have real life experience and knowledge which they’re constantly bettering and growing every day they’re in the field. The internet can only offer so many individuals’ experiences and knowledge, and sometimes that information is out of date. A good sales rep in your backyard will have the most information, best information, and most up to date information available.

The remainder of this article breaks down some of the most important reasons Madden Pump puts an emphasis on maintaining good distributors.

Knowledge & Expertise

A distributor or rep’s knowledge focuses on products serving an industry as a whole, as opposed to specific products. Distributors and reps can point you to contractors for installation, let you know what accessory products you should consider, and what products would complement your current purchase. They can also warn you about potential problems you may not have thought about before your purchase as they have bought and sold many products before. Distributors and reps can offer advice about installation and startup of equipment as well. They can train equipment operators and service people before, during, and after installation.


With all of the accessories and complementary products you may need, going through a distributor makes your purchase much more convenient as it allows for one purchase of many items instead of many individual purchases to acquire these items. It also is going to save you time. The purchasing process can be a tedious one and a costly one. Distributors who are worth their weight eliminate the time spent researching, and therefore some of the costs.

Responsive and Hands-on Solutions

Breakdowns happen. Having someone you trust to drop everything and take action while you address things on site can be invaluable. Distributors and Reps have experience with which manufacturers, like Madden Pump, can get products to you within a day and which ones cannot. They know what companies to contact and what individuals within those companies to contact to get things rolling back in your favor. And again do not forget, good distributors and reps will also have the knowledge, tips, and tricks to avoid these breakdowns.

Conclusion, we encourage end users of chemical metering pumps and boiler blowdown systems to develop a strong relationship with an appropriate industrial products distributor if you haven’t already. If you find one that you trust, we know you’ll quickly see them as an extension of your business as well.
If you go to the Madden “Sales Rep” page you can find a Madden rep near you. Each of the distributors and reps listed have our stamp of approval and our trust. These folks will make your next chemical metering pump or boiler blowdown equipment purchase easier for you and they will continue to be there for after sales services as well.

So if you have a boiler blowdown equipment inquiry or a chemical metering pump inquiry, reach out to one of the great companies we have listed on our Sales Rep page. These companies have reps trained with our products and can advise you on procuring and installing Madden products. Take the first step in becoming a part of the Madden Pump Industrial Family!