Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

Pumping chemicals can be a costly application. Whether the application is treating water, treating waste water, de-foaming a process, or producing something with the chemical, Madden MF series chemical pumpneeding to reorder gallons and gallons of chemicals certainly adds up by the end of the year.

Making sure you have and accurate and durable chemical injection pump should be a top priority with chemical dosing applications. A quality metering pump can save money on chemical costs and offer peace of mind with little application down time.

The following is a list of the most important features to make sure come with your next chemical metering pump, according to Madden Pump.We’ve been in working with chemical metering pumps and chemical applications for 65 years now.


  • Material Compatibility for liquid being pumped
    • Chemicals can be extremely corrosive to lot of processing materials. In waste water applications, caustic soda and/or sulfuric acid are often used to treat the water. These chemicals can quickly corrode and even disintegrate metals and plastics. It is important to make sure your chemical metering pump is designed with the proper materials.
    • Madden Pump’s chemical dosing pumps come with enough wetted end material options to pump any chemical needed for your application. Stainless steel, Teflon, PVC, and Polypropylene solution heads paired with Neoprene, Hypalon, Viton, and Teflon diaphragms mean no chemical is beyond the Madden chemical pump’s capabilities.


  • Quality and Durability
    • Short stroke lengths: Madden chemical injection pumps stroke at very short lengths to promote long diaphragm service life.
    • Heavy duty parts: Madden pumps have an all-aluminum body and various metal interior parts, ensuring that a well maintained Madden pump will never need to be thrown away and replaced.
    • Type DDB double diaphragm construction design: Madden offers a double diaphragm construction which has a primary diaphragm and back up diaphragm to further ensure no chemicals will ever enter your pump’s interior.


  • Repeatability and Accuracy
    • Madden pumps utilize positive displacement to dose chemicals and other liquids. With each backward and forward stroke of the diaphragm, a fixed amount of liquid enters the solution head and then exits the solution head.
    • Check ball valve assemblies add to precision making sure excess liquid does not pass through the pump with each stroke while also making sure liquid doesn’t travel back into the pump with each stroke.
    • Madden pumps are rated to a +/- 1% accuracy.

Chemical addition applications are stressful and costly. If you have a pump you trust to be a workhorse and accurately dose your chemical it is going to save you a lot of headaches.

Find one that is chemically compatible, accurate, and extremely durable.

In Conclusion

Madden Pump produces a chemical metering pump designed and focused on all of these features.

But when considering a Madden pump, not only do we want you to review these features in our products, but we also want you to know some of the intangible features you’re supporting.

We are a smaller, family owned manufacturer that goes to great lengths to buy local products to be used in the production of our pumps. We are also regularly told our customer service is second to none in the industry.

The “Made in the USA” description and responsive customer service are the two intangible features that receive a lot of our focus. We take great pride in both. We hope these features help to distinguish our company and products from a competitive industry also producing accurate chemical pumps.

So if you have an inquiry for a chemical metering pump and want to learn more about the Madden chemical dosing pump, please call 800-369-6233 or email info@maddenpump.com. We would love to be in consideration for your next chemical application!

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