Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

Applications that call for metering, dosing, or the injecting of chemicals also call for accuracy no matter the conditions or settings the pump may face. The need for accuracy in these applications is simply a given, and there are two reasons accuracy goes hand in hand with injecting chemicals. The first reason is that precise amounts of a chemical could be needed to achieve the goal of the application. So, for example, if the goal of the application is the maintain a certain Ph balance, you never want the pump to pump too much or too little of a chemical because then your source may be too acidic or too basic. Another reason is saving money. Chemicals are expensive, and you never want to pump more than is necessary. Not only is your pump wasting your chemicals which is directly wasting money, but your pump is also potentially damaging to the environment with this excess of chemicals.

With these two reasons in mind, let’s take a look at how the Madden Chemical Metering pump product line can maintain its consistent and precise pumping with an accuracy of +/- 1%, at any point in its manual adjusted output setting. No matter where you set your Madden pump on the output scale, you can be confident your Madden chemical metering pump will consistently dose that exact amount for a very long service life. Thus saving your money and potentially the environment.

This video will show exactly how the manual adjustment knob works on a JN, MF, and MH series Madden Chemical Injection pump. In doing so, you will see how our robust design can be set to any output within your particular model’s range, and maintain consistent and accurate output for all your applications.




If you have an application calling for consistent and accurate dosing of a liquid or chemical and need the ability to adjust the output, consider a Madden Chemical Dosing pump. We design our units to thrive in tough conditions and too always maintain their consistency and accuracy.

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